Tuesday, February 19, 2013

15 February 2013

Dear Everyone,

So just an update I guess.

We taught our third lesson to our investigator.  The spirit was so strong!  She started to cry!  We were all tearing up! Ahh. It was the most wonderful experience.

 I've heard horror stories of companions, but let me just say how much I love mine.  Sister Sahagun and I are so compatible.  I just sit among our district of 7 companionships and see the Lord's hand.  Everyone is perfect for each other.  Truly inspired.  As a foreign mission, we are CONSTANTLY in the classroom studying the scriptures AND language.  Elder Hunt said the best line yet: "So what do English speaking missionaries DO all day?!" Haha.  He's hilarious.

The language is wonderful.  I feel so in between. My companion and I have heart to hearts constantly and yesterday she just wanted to make sure she doesn't hold me back.  I said the same thing to her in that I don't want to take away a learning opportunity for her.  It's so complicated trying to find the balance!!  I look at all our missionaries and I feel so blessed to know the language as much as I do.  I see people struggle and it's taking a toll on their spirits at times.  But we've got awesome pep talks.

And OH MY GOODNESS...SUNDAY was amazing!  With the devotional and church and everything.  Ok, well let me also just say, I love cheese bagels.  And I'm eating like a banana every meal.  Well, I'm so thankful to be here.  And I am going crazy thinking how much peace I feel.  Like I can really do this!

Love, Sister Mullen

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