Wednesday, February 27, 2013

26 February 2013

WOW 20 orders?!?!?!?! I talk to our district all the time about how good mommy's food is. its so weird thinking I am ACTUALLY going to be there in 7 weeks. you know what im going to eat first? ... chicken fried rice. I've been dreaming about it.
Yes, on our second day, we gave our lesson in Thai! and every lesson since then!  It's so wonderful here. I honestly thought I would be so stressed out here, but this is a place that brings you up. I gave the closing prayer in church this last sunday and our branch presidency stopped me and complimented me on my language and said they are so impressed with how I'm doing here. Like, I feel like I can actually do this! I'm in the mindset now, still having so much to learn, but I have a stronger testimony of God's plan for us. We are teaching people of ways they can be happy and recieve salvation. To be a missionary you have to realize that this is assisting in saving people's souls. All I have to do is understand how important that is and then share my heart on how necessary this Gospel truly is. When we extend a commitment, we extend an invitation to repent. I just can't wait to get there. 
Saw Jessica Fox today!!!! Hadn't seen her in so long! She is such a cute missionary and I am so excited for her! And she is companions with a sister that was in my LA ward. AH!!! amazing. We met a sister from Thailand! She is the cutest! Going to Australia Mandarin Speaking! She wants us to baptize her mom! AH I love her!

The food is getting old. but seriously so blessed.
We went to the temple today. I called it a snow storm, but it was just windy, the utah people told me. Anyways, had real food for breakfast at the cafeteria there and it was magnificent. Elder Cutler is playing piano for me in 2 weeks in sacrament meeting. realized I'd rather just sing for our zone not the ENTIRE MTC! haha. Oh my goodness. We are singing Consider the Lilies for choir tonight at Tuesday Devotional. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, that's all for now! Sorry if it's all over the place. Its so hard sometimes!!!
I was reading in JSH verse 20 " I was destined to prove a disturber and an annoyer of his kingdom" speaking of Satan.
It makes it sound way cool what I'm doing here. :)
Love, Sister Mullen

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