Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 February 2013

We received this letter in the mail today, 12 Feb 2013

Dear Everyone,

I am so happy I got to start my missionary experience with Elder Nielson as my host!  I had the sweetest sister help me to my room once I got my nametag.  She was tiny and insisted on carrying my huge luggage up the stairs...4th floor.  I went straight to my language class where people were already learning "Hello, how are you?"...knowing that already brought me so much peace.

My companion is Sister Sahagun.  She is the sweetest, most loving sister ever.  So it's the first official full day.  Getting the hang of the food.  800 missionaries came yesterday.  One thing that made me uncomfortable was our first dive in to teaching investigators.  In English.  But still, we got there hours ago and then they just kept disagreeing or contradicting everything we would say.  But today it helped, knowing how people react to what our initial way of teaching or sharing the gospel would be.  So I was able to study and plan today based on the challenges of yesterday.

We are starting to learn to make our testimonies in Thai.  The first thing our teacher said was that we all have the gift of tongues!  I know this to be true.  This gospel is true because I have tried to learn Thai my whole life and then I haven't been here 24 hours and I know more than I ever have and I know that that is because of the Spirit.

Dear Family,
Thank you so much for bringing me.  So much peace about coming here.  My companion, Sister Sahagun, knows the Newbolds, d'Art!  Cool huh?

Sorry, running out of time!  So messy.  30 missionaries in our district!  P-Day is Tuesday, so I'll write then.

Love, Sister Mullen

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