Thursday, February 21, 2013

18 February 2013

Said goodbye to Elder Nielson on Sunday! I think I wrote that in a letter to you. But we got in a photo in front of the world map which was a miracle bc who knows when we'd have time... but we got to do it!!! 
Our service assignment is awesome. We do those every monday morning. Yesterday we didn't have much to do, so our supervisor took us to her lounge and we just watched Mormon Messages videos. It was awesome! She is going to be singing at conference! So happy for her! 
Pretty much we have 6 hours of classroom instruction. Two of those hours are set aside for teaching our investigators. Then about 3 hours each day of Study Time; so language study, personal, and additional/companion. They are putting off teaching us script bc they want to focus on the speaking and listening aspects. It's getting harder, which is good. Especially with our investigators. We have AMAZING teachers. The one we are closest to is Sister Hirschi. (hershey) and yeah. basically our teachers are our investigators. Our first investigator was happy and enthusiastic but our second (Sister Hirschi is playing her) is not so happy. Made a weird mistake of not really getting to know her well on our first time mtg her. So we need to do better. If you are able to send a picture of our family as soon as possible that would be amazing. I think she would like it, getting to know us!
 No my comp is not Thai! haha but yeah everyone here is great! I LOVE our district. like I can't even wait for a reunion! It's cool calling people Sister and Elder. Like, "Excuse me, Sister" and stuff like that. weird at first but it's fine. our 2nd day here we like had a funny studying time when we were just like... ok. Let's learn all of our FIRST NAMES! It was crazy how entertaining that was!!!  Yes our district is REALLY big. theres only 6 in the one before us! We call them Phii Thais. And then theres yeah, 29 of us. it's awesome. 
The food is alright. Like I said, it's all about the cheese bagels and croutons! Haven't drunken ANY soda, crazy right?! it's always available and I choose just water. But other than that, the food hasn't really been sitting well with us much lately. Preparation Day is better today. My second one! The first I did NOT like it at all. We just went from spiritual amazing, studying all the time in the classroom type of stuff then to just... hot laundry rooms and i don't even remember the rest. We get to go to the temple though and that's seriously awesome. To just go through with a TON of missionaries is the most amazing thing ever.  But yeah I just wished that I could do laundry whenever and then ALWAYS have class time and study hours. But today's p-day was better.
I love them so much! Seriously, there's a girl in my room that sings musical theatre with me, and she quotes movies. its AMAZING. 
Love you, glad to hear the "business" is going well!!! Crazy it's already been 2 weeks!!!
LOVE you so much! sorry if this is kind of all over the place. I don't know what to do with these letters/emails I'm writing. I'm repeating stuff to people and stories I don't know who I tell... It's SO complicated. But it's fine!
Love, Sister Mullen

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