Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1 June 2013

So supposedly they are starting this thing where every week there is a day the junior becomes the senior companion. It was a great opportunity. I led the Plan of Salvation lesson which was hard, but I learned what I need to work on. So we bike a lot here. It's hard too when it's rainy season because the wind is HORRENDOUS! but ahh!!! We got caught in the rain!!! WAY fun. FINALLY right?! We did this English thing this last week where we went to Wang Nam Quiew and trained Thai Teachers teaching English. I am English leader here in Korat so that means I am in charge of like, the English classes here. I like, made up a whole lesson plan on how to teach. I gave them the 3 P's: Preparation, Participation, and Power! Haha, they seemed to like it. It was so awkward though because after, we definitely took the time to explain what we do as missionaries. And as Elder Wilamat was testifying and stuff, the lady in charge slowly walked up and got another microphone and started talking haha! SO awkward. Anyways, I am SUPER into coconut nampans. Ahhh so good. buy it everyday if i can. Language is coming along. There's definitely a need for a language study plan still even though it's Thai all the time right now. I just still get frustrated when I can't express what I want to express. But sometimes even, when we are teaching and someone asks a question. I pray and think of it in my head, but then my companion says it in perfect Thai. It's pretty cool. haha But yeah, there are definitely good and bad days, but overall... slowly improving. It's discouraging sometimes when people compliment on my language though all the time. I know I'm not like, seeking for compliments, but I just hope I am doing the missionary stuff up to par too, you know? But I rarely get discouraged because everyone here is wonderful and offers great advice. We have Zone Conference this week. Got to quickly finish off my memorizations. President Senior is going to be calling at random! D&C 4, our purpose and the 10 juts of how to begin teaching! It is definitely crazy thinking about already being on my second transfer. and just a month left with this one. its crazy. But an organized focused plan everyday is SO important. I can't imagine a day now where I don't have something planned for everything, everyday. This time that God gives us is so special, and to show him we respect and appreciate this time to serve, planning goes hand in hand. While in the MTC I've never really thought much about the Plan of Salvation lesson and always thought it was kind of random. I just thought teaching about the Spirit World and all that would confuse and weird an investigator out. but learning the importance of these things has been the blessing. We are here for a purpose. Everyone. not just missionaries on their missions. Do all your work with diligence. Because God did not design us to be slothful or lazy. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary and learn ALL of these things about my purpose on this mission and in life. It's more and more wonderful everyday. Sister Mullen

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