Monday, June 24, 2013

24 June 2013

I can't believe that I've been out here for almost 2 weeks. Time is just flying by. Its so funny because now I think im just going to start telling the members that I'm from Thailand. I've gotten like 5 encounters this week where i can feel people just staring at me, THEN ask where I'm from and when i say California, they get an even more confused look on their face. Its hilarious but super awkward at the same time. So my companions have realized that I eat like i'm pregnant. I eat the most random meals I guess and just keep eating. I'm glad we walk a lot because I would have gained 50 pounds by now. 

Okay hopefully I remember everything that happened so i can tell you all in one email. But yeah the members here are great (and even better by that broadcast last night! AMAZING) but yeah it was kind of hard for me at first because my trainer Sister McHaley has been here for 5 months and everyone LOVES her. I love her. She reminds me of Hilary sometimes haha. But yeah she's so perkey and bubbly all the time. But I can't be like that all the time haha. So I hope the members aren't getting the wrong idea about me. Okay back to the point. anyway so members are kind of distant still from the missionaries because, missionaries in the past haven't been as motivated i guess. But we're trying to change that! The ward members are so willing to help with anything and everything though. the young women are so cute! 

This week was a bit tougher on my spiritual needs but sundays always snap me back into place, which im grateful for, so you guys dont have to think im depressed or something haha. But yeah I was struggling with the belief that I could baptize. I didn't think that I was distracted by this visa waiting thing but just this thought that i could leave soon made me less motivated to try because its not like i would see them take that amazing step in their lives. But then i relaized it doesn't matter. as long as their progressing. I have no idea if that made sense but yeah thats how i felt. 

I've also struggled with patience. haha I love the people we teach so much and it frustrates me when they dont see why they need this! ahh! this one lady is less active and she believes its true and the Book of Mormon but still wants to go to her chruch even though no one else believes in the Book of Mormon. I was trying not to have a dirty look on my face haha. I was just so confused and she kep talking in circles and I couldnt follow. The spirit told me to keep my mouth shut though because anything I would say would just be bashing with her haha. 

Heavenly Father has helped me so much though this week with forgetting myself. At first i was wondering why it was so hard, duh i wasn't asking for help! haha how dumb am i? But these past few days its been easier ah i love it so much. i love teaching. sort of. 

oh people here in the south say: WWJD: you go done what jesus done told you to do. haha man i could laugh at these accents all day!

Shamone Peterson got bapitzed wednesday and confirmed sunday! whooo! it was amazing she was so ready to be baptized. I love her. We prayed and fasted for her last week so that she would find a job and be able to move into a better area. Elder clifford said that when he was baptizing her he said amen and she already started falling backwards. She didn't even wait to plug her nose. it was so funny!

We had lunch with the president on...well im not sure what day it was anymore but last week sometime. and Sister Makin didn't have her tag on the whole time haah! it was hilarious. she keep putting her hair in front so he wouldn't see. 

We tried to go teach this alcoholic darren this is how the conversation went: 
"have you been reading?"


"have you been drinking?"


haha then we left and rescheduled. he forgets about us a lot. 

We teach this lady maggie. She's amazing. Her two daughters are amazing. She has to work all the time so its hard for us to keep up with her. And WILLIE! ahh willie is 65 years old and has a problem smoking. he's got a lot of health issues so we just need him to come to church one more time so he can get baptized. he's trying to stop smoking. We prayed for a miracle sunday that he would somehow be able to make it. He didn't but we were blessed with another miracle! a different investigator Carolyn came and she knew some women in relief society so it was great. we were NOT expecting her at all so it was the best feeling. oh the other day when we went and saw sister roderick. it was super weird she held us for like 5 minutes each shouting hallelujah and thanking the lord. I guess thats good, i just couldnt help but laugh haha. Sorry this is super long. I guess thats it for now.

I pray for you every night! i love you guys so much. ah im so jealous you're in thailand! send me lots of pictures and tell kunyai that i love her! so weird my whole family is in thailand and im in south carolina. ah! love you so much :)

-sister mullen #2

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