Monday, June 24, 2013

24 June 2013

That is SO funny that Grandma cried leaving Buddy! AH I MISS OLIVER SO MUCH! This week has been fun. We had a baptism to plan! Sister Oh is so amazing and was so ready to be baptized! Sister Yeo and I sang Nearer My God to Thee. There were actually two investigators baptized yesterday! and while they were getting dressed, a member passed one flower to everyone and at the end of the baptism, everyone came up and gave them the flower. It was AMAZING and I want that to happen at every baptism!!! It was so special.

Taught English for the first time in a few weeks because of the whole moving thing and it's been raining so not many people come so I just won't teach my intermediate class. I missed it so much!!! Seriously they think I'm funny. This WHOLE entire mission is for me and I can't seem to find a way to repay this debt I've gotten into. There is NO way that we can do service and not feel that return once we've done it. 

We went back to a lady that seemed semi interested and... lets just say she definitely was NOT interested. haha It was the awkward feeling but as we press forward God blesses us, because right after that, we got to the church and there were 3 random new people waiting for us and we got to share with them a church tour and give a sort of first lesson. 

There have been a few off things this week. It's strange when you go from a really good day to the next day and you want it to be just as good. I don't know. But I have been asking God a lot what he thinks of me. We have this activity that President Senior wants us to do. The Dan Jones-ing every day and its do-able. It is what we as missionaries do. But at our district meeting we talked about it and were just like, ok, how do we remember to talk to that person on the bus? or wherever. And I said. "No. I remember! I am just too scared to do it."

So then... ugh. I knew I would regret it...

but then I told them about my motivation cards. 
The ones that I can just pull out from my pockets and read it and I can just go and do.
They are like, church quotes. But Elder Delagarza said, "Oh, like 'you can do it!'" hahaha

it was way funny. But seriously. 

(I will finish in a bit. we didnt have time right now...)

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