Monday, June 10, 2013

10 June 2013

Ah, I am trying to remember all that has happened. LAST monday, We got a call from the AP's and they told us we were moving! So Sister Davies went home because she was too sick :( She was the Sister that took my spot with Sister Yeo in Bangkapi. So then President Senior was going to have Sister Yeo move to another place in Bangkok, but then after several phone calls and thinking it over, President asked Sister Yeo what she wanted to do. She said, she wants to stay in Bangkapi of course. And then he asked her this, and I'm pretty sure this NEVER happens to a missionary ever...

Who do you want to come to you?

She said her child, and so here I am! She picked me up in the Isan and we left and just talked and slept on a bus for 8 hours. And of course it wasn't a surprise for the members because we've got some poor secret keepers. Seriously, facebook is their element. Haha But some didn't know and it was SO wonderful coming back. A lot of people are like, Now we have someone to play the piano!!! haha... ok ok. I'm a missionary too. haha

I Will miss it in Korat though. We had 2 daters. One was getting over smoking and her daughter, I was starting to teach her the piano, and I just got up and left. And I was playing piano for the musical number for another baptism for a member's daughter later on that week. I feel so bad, but the Elders there are great and I know it will All be taken care of there in Korat. Maybe I will be able to go back someday.

So Bangkapi. Man oh man. It has been so wonderful to be back. It has LITERALLY been only 4 days, but it feels like it has been long/short. Idk.

We had a Way fun activity for the youth. We were companions with a member and just went out for 3 hours and showed them what missionaries did. They are such a strength to the ward and it is SO important we continue to support them. 

This week, we had to talk to our dater about keeping the sabbath day holy because she works on Sunday and we had her date for 2 weeks from yesterday! But OH my goodness, we talk to her about it and she is like, yeah. I have plans to stop work in a week or two.

Um, I'm sorry WHAT?! 

There's no doubt in my mind this is the Lord's work. And just as I told my cute little young women's companion during that activity, We don't need to have confidence in ourselves. That's irrelevant. Having confidence in the Lord is what gets us through. And once we do that, we are blessed with confidence.

That day that I was picked up to go back to Bangkapi, I got all of those letters that were sent after Jasmine's open house. Thank you thank you! It really made my day! I was definitely the most popular one of the week :)

Love, Sister Mullen

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