Tuesday, June 18, 2013

17 June 2013

Sister Rachel Mullen

This week, we had Zone Conference. My first Zone Conference and it was so wonderful. We got taught on Desire and Diligence. Before the conference they asked us all to not plan for the following day any appointments. Then they made the announcement in conference what we would be doing. All over Bangkok, we were to go out Dan Jones-ing. Dan Jones is one of the great missionaries. And basically this activity was for us to stop hiding behind our "Free English" fliers and start handing out and testifying of Christ.

One of the missionaries leaving next transfer bore his testimony on it. He was one of the first Elders in Laos and his testimony was so powerful. He talked about how in Laos they cannot go up to people and share of Christ. They could look at somebody who truly needed the Gospel and only say, "free english"...

All of conference really helped me evaluate what kind of missionary I want to become. I didn't come to be adequate. Missionaries for this true church need to be astonishing and we can do that if we put forth righteous efforts to allow God to help us reach our full potential.

So this whole day of talking to everyone doing the Dan Jones Activity was amazing! Some people are afraid of being rejected. I am just scared of the first initial going up to them. We were on companion exchanges that day so I was with the CUTEST Thai girl missionary. I went to Bangnaa and she told me at the end of the day, she knew how I felt about confidence and how I wanted it, but she said as she watched me go up to people, she could see me counting in my head... 1-2-3 and then just going up to them. She said she really liked that haha!!!

 I went up to one lady who was WAY not interested. She was sitting down so she couldn't say no when I asked if I could share of Christ. So I did. I just did not stop talking even though she was like looking other places. Haha. Then she said, I'm Thai. I was like. Yeah. Are you Buddhist too? Haha There are Christian Thai people. Anyways, I gave her a picture of Christ.

One TALL man I went up to, I was like, can I share with you a message about Jesus Christ. and then he started walking away from me! And was like, I don't understand you. I was like, I'M SPEAKING THAI! and I just asked him again. to where he couldn't leave. I bore testimony that Jesus is our Savior and all of that. And he would pull out the Buddhist card, and say... yeah all churches teach people to be good. I straight up asked him, Don't you think there is only one way though? He couldn't say no. So I told him where the church was... etc.

Seriously, amazing experience being challenged to do this activity and to reflect on what kind of missionary I came here to be.

Also, remember how I told you about my lost cardigan in all the moving? I Found it! The one with the brown elbow pads!!! God loves His missionaries!!!

 Love, Sister Mullen
Sister Jasmine Mullen

Hello from Hartsville, South Carolina!

I love it here so much. Its been a crazy week. I can't believe I've only been here for that long. But I am loving it here. I thought it was going to be scary but I've met so many nice people. I guess it is the bible belt but people would say that like its a negative thing, its a GREAT THING. Everyone already knows about Christ and has such a strong testimony so all we have to do is show them the fullness of it. It was kind of scary at first because the people we taught had such strong faith, faith that I could only dream of having and I didn't know how I should teach them because I was learning from them haha. I was never meant to be a teacher but the Holy Ghost is THE BEST. seriously.

anyway yeah I sweat a lot. no surprise. my face is oily though which is gross. if you could send me some oil soaker upper things that would be great! they're kind of hard to find and I don't think they sell them here because no one really cares. haha everyone seriously pretty much just walk around naked when it's hot. I don't blame them I guess.

Well I've gotten like 10 comments so far on my ethnicity. It's a good way to get in doors though. because they see my companions Sister Mchaley and Sister Makin and then there's me. So they're all super confused and stare at me for a while then muster up the courage to ask what I am. It's pretty funny.

Oh funny story so their accents are pretty hard to understand sometimes. and when we were street contacting someone I asked him his name and it sounded like he said Eric Schmif and I've heard some pretty weird names so I wasn't going to judge and so I repeated back Schmif? and he started laughing so hard and was like what did you say?? no its Smith! haha it was funny.

 yeah black people here are SO nice. man always open to more doctrine and more learning about their Savior. I've only met a few white people. This old man told me that I was worse than Jehovah Witness. Not sure what that was supposed to mean but yeah.

We've got a baptism Wednesday and next Saturday and a few more on date. It's so exciting! and way easier than I thought! people just know the truth when they hear it though I guess.

 I'll try and send pictures next week but I love it here! I saw Sister Howten! She's known as a rock solid missionary here. already a wonderful trainer. Bishop Potts would love to hear that about her. My mission President scared me a little at first but he let us take a nap when we got off the plane! It was wonderful.

 I pray for y'all every night. (don't worry I don't have an accent yet just being funny) I love you .

Romans 1:16

Sister Mullen #2

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