Sunday, July 7, 2013

1 July 2013


Hi daddio and momma!

so guess what? the strangest thing to ever happen HAPPENED. I RAN OUT OF FLOSS THIS WEEK. thats right momma. Your babygirl is NOT trying to have gum surgery when she gets home. I floss all the time. its a little ridiculous. So this week has been great. I'm going to try and make more sense this time. Well everyone thinks im 17. I dont know why. I met the ellisons! Its so nice to be related to someone. Genealogy is cool. Good job grandmama!

So I told a family that I played water polo in high school. They told a bunch of other people. They are just as surprised as you guys were haha.

Nope. No word on my visa. I'm actually not thinking about it too much. We have too many people to think about for me to do that. Haha. Which is great. Sometimes I forget that this isn't where i'm going to be my whole mission. My trainer sister mchaley has been here for 6 months. So its weird to think that I won't be here that long. I am a little scared though for when i do leave. I don't know what its going to feel like. This all feels like a dream. Like in Jacob 7. Thats exactly what I feel like.

So I've been trying to submit my will a little bit more every day. Its so hard. Its not like i'm homesick but I do think about home sometimes. It was kind of a slap in the face one day when an investigator took us out to breakfast (which was awesome) and looked at me and asked randomly if i was homesick. I guess it was stamped on my forehead that I wasn't focused. I started reading talks about it. and there is one by neal a maxwell im pretty sure and he was like
Suppose Enoch had demurred when called by the Lord? He would have gone on being a good person, serving the Lord part-time, living in a city which was a slum compared to the glorious City of Enoch; nor would Enoch be a part of that scene of glorious greeting yet to come. (See Moses 7:63.)

Suppose Peter had not left his nets “straightway”? (See Mark 1:18.) He might have become the respected president of the local Galilean fishermen’s association. But he would not have been on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus, Moses, and Elias and heard the voice of God. (See Matt. 17:4.)

I just think thats funny haha. such a a hit in the head. Anyway yeah and rachel told me something last week. to just choose my feelings and thats what i needed so much. Its been easier to get out of my moods ( you guys know what im talking about. the ones where i'm a brat) haha. but its so hard to work when im tired. i was literally falling asleep in a lesson one day haha it was awful and i shouldn't laugh. but i am.

Um. our investigators are amazing. Shareba keeps reading the book of mormon on her own. and the cool thing is after she reads a verse she applies it. Thats how we taught her one day and now she does it all the time. it takes us an hour to read one chapter but it an amazing spirit. We had to drop some people this week. This one less active is kinda just lost. She is becoming a minister at her new church and i think she thought we were there for her to teach us. so it was super sad. Another guy just kept meeting with us to ask for money. so that was hard.

But earnest! ah! earnest makes me so happy. he is just the best. he literally walked up to US and started asking questions. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. people pretend they aren't home or avoid us. haha. I finally recited the first vision for the first time to him and started crying of course and then i couldn't remember what i was saying so i messed it all up. but he told me later that that was the best part. which is weird because smooth lessons always seem better. anyway. but yeah he invited himself to church and wants to learn more! its great.

NO! i love the pictures of you guys. send me more! I always joke and say my whole family is in Thailand but me. i mean its true but its just funny. Tell everyone i miss them.

I haven't really gotten any southern food. besides fat back. every one scared me like it was gonna make me throw up. but its just like that stuff mommy used to get where we would put rice in it and it was like pig fat or something.

oh someone invited us in for breakfast. haha he was hung over. it was awko.

im so jealous of you guys! keep sending me pictures. mommy thank you so much for my bag and everything. thank you for writing me! i love you guys! oh and send me your phone number just in case so in case you're in thailand and i suddenly get my visa i can know how to call you there.
love you! miss you lots!

sorry my emails are so long haha. i just have a lot to say.

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