Sunday, September 28, 2014

15 September 2014

Hello! Its been a wonderful week. Thank you for all the prayers because I haven't been swooped yet. I don't have tons of time to email today but i hope you enjoy the pictures. I have a really cool thing to tell you about Tangled though.
So we resplit our area with the new elders and now we are in a mostly "finding" area. FOR NOW of course. :)
But i was thinking of the different types of people we come in contact with. I would like to compare this to the movie Tangled. Rapunzel is up in her tower and she's singing that song that she's so happy and she has so many things to do. It appears to her that she is living life to its fullest. But she has no idea what the grass feels like, or what it feels like to have her toes touch the water. It isn't until her "prince" invites her to come down that she realizes that there is so much more happiness out there than she thought. I would like to compare that to investigators or just people who are perfectly happy but they don't have the gospel. It appears that they don't need this. But they do and it takes us as members to invite them to come OUTSIDE. I hope that makes sense.
Ofa atu :)
Thank you for all your support.
Ps. we have a baptism this friday for an amazing 10 year old boy named Bailey. The Lord's work is hastening and its because of members! I'll tell you about his story next week.
Sister mullen

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