Wednesday, September 3, 2014

18 August 2014

Hello wonderful dearest family of mine!
Thank you so much for the pictures! You all look so cute. :) I was excited to see shayla! I love that we all have friends like that, where things just "don't change." we can leave for a year and a half and still be best friends. Is rachel good at cooking thai food?
Thats so funny she walked home from the stake center! street contacting on the way probs. This week was actually really good. We were able to go on trade offs to Toowoomba and Darling Heights. It was so much fun! Its soo cold and windy there and the poor sisters are all sick. But they're soldiers. There was one sister that had a death back home in her family and it was really hard on her. A lot of the sisters actually struggle with language. They are all AMAZING but they are just frustrated with themselves that they're not "better" than they already are. I don't know they're amazing to me. But yeah, i love having the opportunity to serve as STL for another transfer because the first transfer i was kinda like "whats going on" and now I actually sort of know what to do, and I can start focusing on the QUALITY of trade offs now. So yeah when we talked before we were done planning she said that she wants to go and serve in Tonga. She said President called and asked her to pray about it and he'd call her again to ask. And I couldn't understand. But then I related it to me deciding to stay at school or to go on a mission. Whether she goes to Tonga or stays here, it doesn't matter its not like one is a wicked desire and one is righteous. Its BOTH TO SERVE THE LORD. Thats where agency comes in. He lets us choose. And it just depends on what we're going to regret. She pondered on it that night. And the night before our trade off day I was on my knees for I don't know how long. I plead so hard that God would bless us with miracles that she needed. AND GUESS WHAT. We saw so many miracles that day and she was actually running to talk to people. I was just so thankful that the Lord allowed me to serve, anonymously. I didn't want the miracles to come because of me. I wanted her to see it was because of her. And she did see it :) Now i just hope she stays. But yeah that was an amazing experience with those sisters out there. I also got to be with my old companion Sister Hwang. That was so fun :) She goes home next transfer! So weird.
We had amazing experiences with 2 sisters who are preparing for their missions. I don't know if i told you but my comp and i took advantage of the fact that we're the only sisters in the stake. We put our avalability sheet out to all the wards and now we have heaps of people who actually WANT to come out with us. They call us! Seriously. One in particular, Sandra, She's amazing and she's so willing to serve. I'm grateful that somehow we are blessed to be answers to other people's prayers. But yeah we taught another lady named Carol and she is just SO open. She's been prepared. We invited her to be baptized and she sad she already has but we asked her to pray and she said she would! She's so nice. She posts about us on FB she said haha.

Carol Leo and her family are doing good. They're a bit shy so its hard to tell sometimes. We've been specifically praying that she'd have a desire to give up smoking. She told us thats what she's struggling with most but yeah, she needs to give it up on Sunday. They're amazing though. I still can't believe how we met her. MIRACLES!
Another miracle. It was pouring rain all day on Saturday and its not our car day. We were trying to go on splits because we missed out on two days in our area. Sadly the girls had something come up. But it was all good, nothing really happened at all that day and then we were following up with potentials around our house. and we were trying to find this one street but we walked to far and came to Arosa street, And i was like there's someone who lives here so we can just go to them, because it was like 8:50. It was funny though because I specifically saw her name but saw she was Aussie and thought, she might get upset because its so late. But "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing, THANKFULLY its His work, not mine. But yeah we show up at her house and she was so nice! We made an appointment with her for the following day. PAUSE.
Then sunday, we had three young women come out with us. Its usually our busiest day because everyone we teach is at home and expect us to come. 

NO ONE LET US IN. And we took out 14 year old girls so we weren't allowed to door knock with them. So pretty much me and this girl were walking around for 3 hours haha. She was such a soldier about it though. We kept saying, we're just putting miralces in our miracle meter! Haha. So she was excited to come out with us this upcoming Sunday to see what miracles will happen. BUT. It happened later that day, A YSA called us with a solid referral of her family saying they want to be taught! And then We taught that lady from the previous story and she was AMAZING! So humble and she's been through so much. We'll be teaching her slowly but I know she's ready for the Book of Mormon.
But yeah! Its been a great week! I love it here. I love my companion. We're very different but she's amazing. 
Have fun reading the Book of Mormon!
Ofa atu!
Sister Mullen

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