Wednesday, September 3, 2014

25 August 2014

Hello! Its been a wonderful week :) 
A long, stressful week but a good week. We have been trying to figure out how we could help the Leo family more and then at our training, DUH. I was called to repentance. We were so focused on getting her over smoking and helping them learn all 5 lessons that we didn't focus as much as we should have on the Book of Mormon. I felt so dumb. But it was a good experience, we had an opportunity to do "Hard Yakka" with President and Sister Henderson. Thats where they come and teach our investigators with us. Sister Henderson came to ours. She was so great. She said we were allowed to go to the Leos dance show this weekend. We're going to double check but yeah i'm excited! Honestly I've been so stressed about Carol. I don't know if she realizes she can't get baptized if she smokes. I know I've told it to her a thousand times and now I can't tell if the spirit is warning me or if the adversary is trying to knock my faith. I was stressed all day yesterday. But our President has encouraged each of the leaders to study a Book of Mormon missionary and develop a certain attribute about them. After praying, I chose Mormon and his faith. How PERFECT was that for me, especially in this trying week. So I was able to be at peace after I read about Mormon. And I've also been really tired lately, not going to lie, I love it! I love saying that I've done my best, but yeah sometimes I feel like I'm doing this area alone. BUT again! reading about Mormon. HE was completely alone and he STILL had faith and he used every bit of energy he had. And I'm not even close to being alone as him. So I'm grateful for studies this week. Because they saved me. I'm learning how to deal with elders still. Haha. I'm grateful though that i'm confident enough to voice my opinion, I'm still trying to be humble though when we disagree :) We took some young women out with us this week that were amazing! They have such a Christ like spirit and taught ME so much. I love taking them out. One experience we had, we were about to go into a lesson where they like talking about deep doctrine. And we just blanked, we had no idea what we were going to teach. And my comp and i were trying to talk it out  and figure out what to do, and finally this girl Maddie said, I think that it will all be okay, we've prepared and the spirit will tell us what to do now. Oh my goodness I almost cried. Sometimes we can lose the real spirit of this wonderful work. It is always wonderful, no matter how long we've been doing it and no matter how "good" we get at it. There are always miracles happening and they are PRECIOUS. I'm so grateful for this trying week and all that its taught me.
"I love tough things." :)
Sister Mullen

Ofa atu!

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