Sunday, September 28, 2014

22 September 2014

WOW! thats so exciting :) you guys will be wonderful for the YSA. 
No those youth or ysa now  miss you so i know they're excited. man you guys just keep following us :) haha.
Whenever i start getting stressed or impatient with myself or others i always just tell myself "the church is still true" haha i know its silly but it really helps me to gain an eternal perspective.
That sounds like an amazing activity! I'm sure lots of planning. We're trying to create something like that for our youth and ysa here. I really feel for the ysa here because its so much harder to stay active in Australia. I've seen how lucky we are to live in a place where the church is so strong. People really struggle here. Strengthening them is the biggest goal we have.
We started in our new area and its been so good! We took some ysa and youth out with us finding ALL day. It was so much fun and they had the best attitude. We saw so many miracles. Like this blind lady that we knocked into. It was amazing. She has tons of health issues and never answers the door because she lives by herself but she felt like when we knocked she needed to open it! So we've started teaching her and Bailey got baptized on Friday. He's an amazing little kid. I'm so grateful i've had the opportunity to baptized 3 10 year old boys. My testimony has truly grown from their examples.
I haven't gotten swooped yet so that should be a testimony to all that prayer is real! :) 
All jokes aside though i'm so grateful for the things I have learned this week and for the Atonement especially. Whenever i fall short or whenever i've really messed up, the Atonement is always there to keep me from getting down on myself.

I'm so grateful for you guys and all the support. I'm espcially grateful this week for the person you raised me to be.
Ofa atu!
Sister Mullen

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