Monday, July 29, 2013

8 July 2013


I'm so happy I got to see your reaction to finding out where I was moving too. When Sister Yeo found out, I was SO dramatic in telling her, ok DONT tell me. She gets all quiet, her eyes are a little watering from the excitement, and she just smiles and says, "Im going to be Grandma" Hahahaha! oh my goodness I was dying. (As my trainer she is like my mom. so if I train, its her grandchild.) So yes, there were no changes made after you found out. I am in Mahasarakham! It is wonderful! On Tuesday we were making jello for English Showcase that night, and we got the call. FOUR missionaries from Bangkapi were moving! So only one of the six of us were staying in Bangkapi. It was crazy. Especially since we told everyone, yeah Sister Yeo is finishing her mission in Bangkapi but I will stay forever. I had accepted training already and thought it only possible if I stay in Bangkapi. On our way to transfers was when the AP called that morning he said, "Congratulations. you have been chosen to train one of the new missionaries." It was crazy. Moving to a new place AND training after training?! But it's been great. SEVEN other Sisters in my group are training!!! Its so wonderful and I can already guess the wonderful things that are going to come from this change!
The Elders are a great help. We came by bus for 6 hours and arrived around 1ish am. There were no taxis there so the Elders got on their bike to go look for one while we watched our stuff. They came back with a man driving a truck. We, of course, are not allowed to be in the car with him, so we put on the Elders' helmets and rode our bikes, following them in the man's truck. Haha it's been fun. and Oh my goodness the members are wonderful! When we woke up that morning, Sister Nok knocked on our door. She said, do you have any food for breakfast? She came back with monkuts, pineapple, and a knife! SO Sweet, and after she left two more members called and asked if we needed any help, if we needed a car to go buy things. I haven't had a moment to think of my problems or inadequacies being here training and opening an area, because everyone is a Christ-like member.

We met a lady who worked as the house maid. I showed her your Mahasarakham picture and she screamed! She remembered you!!! I will have to take a picture for you.

My child is wonderful! She is just like my companion in the MTC! She has TWO of her skirts! She believes in me and that is the sweetest thing she can do because I know I'm a hot mess. We are equals and it feels great knowing that we are helping eachother. When we go out inviting with each other we admit to each other we are scared, but then we overcome it together it feels so good and rewarding. I love her so much! She is so good at Thai and READING! She is willing to do everything and Ah! I just love her.

The members here are amazing. Usually we just go out with members and hand out English fliers, but we don't have anymore here. So we have the Gospel ones. And they are ALL for it. They made appointments with us to go inviting. And we will see them go up to their own people and testify of Christ and it is such a testimony builder for me. We went out with the young women and they were so energetic and ready to go up to these people. Some are preparing to go on missions and I asked them if they wanted to serve here in Thailand and they said yes. This work and passion for the building of the church for a Temple, a House of the Lord, is so motivating for me. They want to help and be a part of this work in their own country for the people they love. It makes me wonder why am I so scared sharing this with the people that I love. 

Inviting my friends and the people that I love to learn the Gospel has always been a fear, and it still may be, but just counting 1,2,3 and just saying it... means that you have done it. and it is up to their decision now that you have given them the choice. But I dont ever want to look back and them ask why I never said anything about the thing that matters most to me.

I loved seeing you all who came to Bangkapi and I am SO happy you got to see Bishop and members! 

Sister Mullen

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