Monday, July 29, 2013

21 July 2013


Good day mates!
Man i've been dying to do that forever haha. Anyway. I'm IN AUSTRALIA. Yeah, it doesn't feel too different. Haha. missionary work is the same everywhere. But i'm so grateful to finally be here. I am in caboolture. I thought it was called Kaboocha. And i was like oh that sounds like an African village but then i realized it was their accents and I felt a little silly haha. Anyway, I am here! I hope that I stay in this area for at least 6 months. Im so tired of moving every 5 seconds haha.
The airplane ride wasn't too bad, I only threw up once. TMI? Haha sorry. Anyway a lady on our flight recognized me in customs from galena. Apparently her daughter was in it in my junior year. It was so funny! I met her on the other side of the world! Anyway we got here and then went straight off with our trainers! My companion is sister Taivei. She is from fiji. She's so funny. Very quiet. When I drive she tells me where to go and i can barely hear her haha. But I love her so much. We have fun all the time. We laugh about how creepy missionaries are. She said she had a trainee one time who wwent up to contact someone and all she said was "Hi! Do you live here with your children?" Haha she was so embarrassed but it was soooo funny. We really are creepers. But hey, we have a message!
Well we work with a lot of less actives. Its actually awesome i love it! The ward here is awesome. They are already on top of everything. Sometimes they take over, but hey its better than having to beg them to come out with us. Theres actually a ward missionary who wears a name badge to church. Not sure exactly why haha. Oh MY GOSH. HEAVENLY FATHER IS SO MINDFUL OF ME. Let me tell you why. Last night we went to go see Kevin Kristic, he was baptized 30 years ago. he is one of those people who investigates every religion. We sat down and he just got right into it and started talking about the universe and our souls. Kinda way to deep for me at 8:30 pm. But yeah. With people like that, I just cant even focus. I tried to keep my face from looking confused so that was my main focus. But yeah after we got home I was so drained and then a member called us and told us she forgot to bring over our dinner. OMG SHE BROUGHT MCDONALDS. I know that sounds funny but seriously. A burger is what i needed. Anyway yeah the ward is awesome the people are awesome. Everyone here thinks we're polygamists so thats why they wont even take cards haha. oh and we street contacted this guy and apparently his wife is less active and her whole family is active it was sweet! and she came to church sunday. so we're excited to keep working with her. Her name is amelia.  but i love it so far! driving isnt too bad actually. i only went on the wrong side of the road twice and it was in a neighborhood so its all good.

I dont quite get their humor yet and its apparent that they really dont understand mine haha. but its all good they'll love me for who i am eventually right?
Anyway love you guys. We're all one army! Im sure i forgot stuff. but my fingers hurt.
Love always, sistah mullen

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