Monday, July 29, 2013

15 July 2013


Yeah, seeing family can be a bit hectic... (*oops! did I say that out loud???) haha just kidding. Just always remembering charity and love to even those that make it hard.

Mahasarakham is great! We are striving each week to meet our goals and are just looking for people to teach right now. So a LOT of just going up to people and testifying of Christ. The gratitude and excitement of having Sisters here has not died down. I just hope that we do the work that they have been expecting this whole time.  But I feel it is getting easier and easier to see God's hand in this work. We talk to someone everyday that I just know, God has been preparing their heart and even if they don't call us back, they were touched by Christ and THAT is what will continue to work in them.

Ok, some funny moments. After our district meeting we all went to the kitchen and there was a bird in the church. so the Elder Attasit took a garbage can lid and tried to guide it out the window or door. The bird finally took flight, was going a little crazy and started making its way towards the door. We were like, cheering so happy. And it was like a foot too high and BOOM! it hit the wall instead and fell to the ground!

Oh my goodness you best believe I was laughing. crying. i didn't know what to feel.

Isan food, you know i love this stuff. but something did not agree with me this week. NO I didn't have diahrea or however you spell it. dont forget. sisters dont do that. 
no but i threw up. i never thought i would have to use that peptobismol but i did and im great now

So that's all for this week. Usually I would leave you with something that I have learned this week, but I will leave you with something I am still learning and trying to apply: Trust in the Lord.

This whole training business has caused me a lot to reflect on every little thing that I am doing here in Mahasarakham and that can make someone sad. It doesn't mean that you stop trying... But I am trying to learn that with an honest and righteous effort, God will magnify my contribution, whatever I have to give. Someone didnt just give me this calling, Heavenly Father did, and if he puts all this trust in me, how does that not give me confidence? Whatever we are going through, don't worry. If we have chosen Him, He will help us. And that alone, allows for success.

Sister Mullen

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