Monday, July 29, 2013

8 July 2013


Ah! you saw rachel!!! i'm so jealous. Thats so cool though. I'm glad I wasn't there and that I'm on my mission. I wouldn't have wanted to leave her! I miss kunyai and som so much! I miss everyone! Oh thats so cool. Going to that branch seems like so long ago! Thats cool that many members are still there though. I sent home a lot of pictures for you guys. I put them all on a cd and printed some. So be ready! No I am good! I bought a lot at the store this week. So sorry about the 40 bucks missing on my card. Is mommy still sending my skirts? (JUST WONDERING) Also she said she sent me shoes but I haven't gotten any yet. So I hope that you guys can figure that out so that money isn't just missing. 
So my floss thing kinda backfired. I was so excited to buy new floss that i got a cheapo kind and it was AWFUL. It cut my gums so I splurged this week and got the good kind haha. 
Anyway this week has been amazing! We had a sisters conference. I got to see all the people I came out with. I dont know who reads these emails but if somehow you could let Kristen Nielson know, There's a sister I came out with and I found out that she knows kyle and his wife! She was at their wedding and took their pictures. She's awesome and we get along really well. Her name is Sister Robinson. Hopefully I can figure out how to send that picture soon of us. Um but yeah sisters conference is just what I needed. I love being obedient but i've been beating myself up i guess haha most sisters do. But I just hate having a car because i dont feel like a missionary sometimes. haha my trainer had to help me understand that we are doing missionary work when we drive, even if it takes a while. I guess i had the impression that I needed to be sweating and have blisters all the time to be counted as an obedient missionary. But President Holm is amazing and the first thing he said was You're Perfect. And thats all i needed haha. But yeah then we had Zone Teaching the day after and our leaders challenged us to a 21 day fast. We right down things that are in our hearts that are not helping us in the work and fast for 21 days from them. I started that 3 days ago and these past 3 days have been by far the BEST days in my mission. Forgetting myself is getting easier each day. I've had hard days but the spirit won't let me stop teaching and i'm thankful for that. 

I've learned so much about the gospel through our investigators. I've learned that I can live without everything EXCEPT the gospel. I need it. I love everything about the gospel. Oh i'm in ALMA for my BOM reading now. Ah. I love it. But I know its a mountain to climb over haha. My companion Sister McHaley is reading the old testament and every morning she gets drained from it haha. Oh and my other companion sister Makin will randomly talk in accents to people. 

Shareba came to church on Sunday! It was awesome. She brought her 2 kids. The ward was so great at welcoming her. Ernest didn't come but we talked to him. He keeps telling us he's moving but he wants to get baptized. So i'm not really sure whats happening. We found out that sister mchaley actually met him in march! he was in our records and our phone so we were super confused haha. but yeah these past 3 days have been amazing. Even with going in early on the 4th and our meetings we were able to meet all our goals and i know its because i'm trying so much harder to forget myself. Thank you everyone for the emails! I got so many this week and i love reading them. Have fun in Thailand and feel free to stop by SC so that I can get some food from you guys. THeres a thai restaurant here but its owned my an indian and a cambodian. so not really sure how that works. I love being a missionary. I've already been out a month. its craziness. I love this life. Miss you all!

-Love always 
Sister Mullen

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