Sunday, July 7, 2013

1 July 2013


4 DAYS LEFT OF THIS TRANSFER! I can't believe it is coming to an end... training. We should get a call tomorrow who is moving. I think they also tell if someone is training also. So we will see. We have payagoned (or predicted). I'm sure it's a sin. But I'm so anxious, we've got to... We think there will be another sister area opened. Maybe some white washes. Its going to be an exciting transfer! I have been having trouble sleeping because it feels like christmas eve or something.

I led a lot of lessons this week. It's been a challenge, but I know this is what training is for... to not be easy. But I love it so much. It's hard to see the change in yourself, but I feel like on a mission it happens so much and so fast that it's encouraging at times.

It is rainy season. done.

No but seriously. The days I wear my crocs it doesnt rain, and when I don't it rains! We even had ANOTHER movie moment where we were standing on the side of the road and a bus zooms passed us and the water splashes ALL over us.

God loves his missionaries.

Sister Yeo and I did 2 musical numbers yesterday in church. One with the Bishop. We meet with the Bishop every week as missionaries and afterwards he was like, I want to sing with you after we told him we were singing in sacrament meeting. And made like a sad face. So we were like, Ok! Hahaha it was WAY funny. He is SO amazing.

I have learned a lot about the spirit this week and just following the promptings. Like, seriously though. If you think about it, how special is it that we have Angels talking to us. We are accessing the literal powers of heaven.

There is no doubt in my mind this church is not true.

Sister Mullen


Quick response from Dad - "you mean you have no doubt that the church IS true right?!"

Rachel's response - "bahaha...oh my goodness.yes. Hahahahahaha!"

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