Monday, July 29, 2013

21 July 2013


hope you didnt embarrass me. haha just kidding! When people talk about how we are sent places where everything is matched up perfectly... President and Sister Senior are perfect for me. They are so wonderful.
Well, not much new stuff. We went to an investigators house and I have officially eaten bugs. silkworm and a grasshopper. kill me.

There was also pond scum, chicken feet, and others. sticky rice to keep it all down. but its the experience ive been waiting for. haha

and then YESTERDAY we had lasagna. yes Lasagna! It was delicious. Sister Wright is from America and she loves the missionaries. Her cooking is famous. Instead of lasagna noodles she used won ton wraps!!! Isn't that crazy! SO delicious though. 

There are countdowns on the traffic lights here and so we have been praying in the middle of the street on our bikes to know where to go. It is Way fun following the spirit like that. We find ourselves in neighborhoods. We kind of just walk around, but then people come up to us. of course in the neighborhoods people have dogs. and once one dog barks, the rest of them start and we make a scene. you know me.

But it really is a cool experience, praying... following whatever you think of, and then recognizing after that it was the spirit. Sometimes something happens, sometimes nothing, but its those righteous efforts that we will see miracles if we have patience and faith. 

Now is the time to practice, and even before I was a missionary, it's as simple as prayer. Pray and communicate with our Heavenly Father that you are willing to go wherever He wants you to go that day, and when you do that, He blesses you. I can't say it enough. Trust in Him and you can't go wrong. Life has so much more peace and meaning if you do it the Lord's way.

Sister Mullen

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